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U.S. Career Opportunities for International Medical Graduates

Skilled Wound Care is in search of not only superior care solutions for patients, but also providing many potential opportunities for a diverse community of physicians who can bring their unique experiences to enrich the mission of our organization. We look to partner with International Medical Graduates that are licensed to work in the United States to bridge the gap between vulnerable communities and lifesaving medical care.

Physicians interested in the subspeciality of wound care fill an underserved group of patients. As our elderly population— among whom belong to a growing demographic as the Baby Boomer generation ages— becomes more vulnerable, their need for an innovative care approach increases.

Why Skilled Wound Care is a Great Choice for International Medical Graduates

For those seeking a fresh alternative to a traditional residency program, a career with Skilled Wound Care Physicians Group has provided that solution through employment across our nationwide locations. We provide a unique advantage for those looking for a program that accelerates hands-on training and specialty expertise while prioritizing patient outcomes. Our award-winning organization has provided the prospect for many International Medical Graduates to approach their healthcare practice differently.

Our team members bring their unique set of experiences to our practice with the intention of coming together to connect with and improve the quality of life for our patients.

What International Medical Graduates can Expect as a Wound Care Physician

We operate a mobile surgical practice primarily dedicated to addressing skin, wound, and ostomy care and procedures within nursing home settings. Our core values are centered around creating a partnership in healing with our dedicated team members and patients. Our physicians are part of a larger, team-based medical care community. They practice not only as doctors, but also educators who work closely with nurses and staff to better help them understand and treat wounds to provide the best round-the-clock care as a patient-centered team.

For medical practitioners looking to have more control over their schedules and perform in a specialized environment, while having ample opportunity to grow their skillset and experience results quickly, wound care is a well-matched surgical specialty.

Learn more about our mission, values, and patient care standards on our YouTube channel.

Connect with Skilled Wound Care

At Skilled Wound Care, we find joy in our work and satisfaction in positively affecting our patients' lives. If you're seeking a new and exciting specialty in surgical practice, learn more about our career opportunities, fill out an application, or connect with our recruiting team through the Careers link on our website.

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