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"Our practice is founded on a few core beliefs that lie at the heart of what we do. 

Access to good care, and especially to wound healing services, is a right that everyone should enjoy."


Access to wound healing services is a right for all people

Elderly patients in nursing facilities deserve dignified care.

With basic resources - and skilled human touch - we can heal patients

We can provide and track healing outcomes even in the most challenging conditions.

Those populations most affected by wounds - elderly patients in nursing facilities - deserve to be cared for in a dignified, honorable way. Healing can happen with basic resources and skilled, trained human touch, and we can track those outcomes even when the circumstances are difficult.

And so today, Skilled Wound Care is a large national surgical-based wound care practice that seeks the absolute best people in healthcare to help us change the way that care is delivered.


To touch and improve as MANY lives as possible.

To deliver service where it has never normally been delivered, in an INNOVATIVE way.

To provide the BEST OUTCOMES for patients and all stakeholders.

To work as PARTNERS and TEAM member with nurses.

Over the years, we’ve grown from just me to an amazing team of dedicated people who are providing care to some of the most vulnerable and neglected segments of the population. We pride ourselves on having a unique healthcare practice that puts people first - it’s in our DNA.

Skilled Wound Care bedside physicains group's DNA

Thanks for taking the time to hear our story. I hope it’s clearer why Skilled Wound Care is such a special place, and whether you’re a potential partner, provider, nurse teammate, or even patient, I really look forward to seeing you soon.

Be well -

Dr. Bardia Anvar signature
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