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Stay safe and up to date with Skilled Wound Care’s Coronavirus Learning Center

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we know that many of you are working and caring for vulnerable patients. We want to protect our important patient population and all of our friends and colleagues who care for them, so we’ve created a Coronavirus Learning Center to keep you up to date on the guidelines and data that are changing rapidly each day.  Together, we’ll get through this time. 

Tackling COVID-19

On our website, you will find information on understanding COVID-19 and COVID-19 in the Skilled Nursing Facility. You will also find details on the strict regulations set by the CDC, proper screening, signs and symptoms, self-quarantine, universal precautions, and telemedicine.

Understanding COVID-19

If you have questions on where the Coronavirus came from or how it infects and replicates, you’ve come to the right place! Dr. Bardia Anvar will answer those questions, plus some additional frequently asked questions in the video below. 

COVID-19 In The Skilled Nursing Facility

Here at Skilled Wound care, we want to provide guidance for treating those who are patients in Skilled Nursing Facilities. The video below will talk about the science of viruses and will also answer questions about current safety protocols. 

How COVID-19 Spreads 

There is much to learn about the COVID-19, including how it's contracted and how easily it spreads. Based on what is currently known about COVID-19 and what is known about other coronaviruses, the spread is thought to occur mostly from person to person via respiratory droplets among close contacts.

Close contact can occur while caring for a patient, including: 

  • Being within approximately 6 feet (2 meters) of a patient with COVID-19 for a prolonged period.

  • Having direct contact with infectious secretions from a patient with COVID-19. Infectious secretions may include sputum, serum, blood, and respiratory droplets.

To learn more through our Coronavirus Learning center, click here

Stay safe! 


Skilled Wound Care is a mobile surgical practice committed to transforming the chronic wound care model in nursing facilities. Wound care experts make weekly bedside visits to patients in long-term care facilities, avoiding transfers to hospitals or clinics. Our expert physicians give patients the most up-to-date and effective wound treatments, and educate facility staff on how to help patients continue to heal quickly and effectively between visits. This model of collaborative care allows SWC’s physicians to improve patients’ lives and health outcomes, to empower nursing staff, and to raise public awareness. Skilled Wound Care, along with its nurse and nursing home partners, is working every day to positively transform traditional nursing home wound care.

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