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How Do Nurses Get Wound-Care Certified?

The Skin Wound Ostomy Certification (S.W.O.C.) is an exciting and fun educational program with a certification exam, specifically designed for all clinical and non-clinical nurses, granted by the Skilled Wound Care Program via the College of Long Term Care. The focus of the course is on everyday clinical wound care issues.

Our Goal

To help improve health care delivery for patients and improve outcomes overall. Our Skin, Wound, and Ostomy courses are great solutions for nurses. It’s two days of expert insights, state-of-the-art updates, and best practices on how to provide a cutting-edge level of wound care you won’t find anywhere else. And whether you can join us for one of our live courses, in cities across the US, or whether studying online is a better fit for you, we’ve got you covered.

What you need to know

Ready for better job satisfaction and pay? Certified nurses are more likely to have a seat at the table. Their specialized knowledge makes them experts in their area of care, and those nurses who pursue certifications regularly identify themselves are more proud, empowered, and satisfied in their work.

Let’s get started

We have a full calendar of live courses, taught by our wound care experts, throughout the year: each three-day course includes two full days of teaching with a review and exam on the third day.

Ready to sign up? Register here


Los Angeles, CA

February 25-27

Los Angeles Convention Center

Oakland, CA

April 14-16

CSU East Bay Oakland Center

Las Vegas, NV

May 19-21

Las Vegas Renaissance Hotel

Atlantic City, NJ

June 23-25

Sheraton Atlantic City Convention Center Hotel

Austin, TX

August 25-27

Embassy Suites Austin Central

Orange County, CA

September 22-24

Anaheim Convention Center

New Orleans, LA

October 20-22

Hilton Garden Inn New Orleans Convention Center

We look forward to seeing you there!


Skilled Wound Care is a mobile surgical practice committed to transforming the chronic wound care model in nursing facilities. Wound care experts make weekly bedside visits to patients in long-term care facilities, avoiding transfers to hospitals or clinics. Our expert physicians give patients the most up-to-date and effective wound treatments, and educate facility staff on how to help patients continue to heal quickly and effectively between visits. This model of collaborative care allows SWC’s physicians to improve patients’ lives and health outcomes, to empower nursing staff, and to raise public awareness. Skilled Wound Care, along with its nurse and nursing home partners, is working every day to positively transform traditional nursing home wound care.

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