• Tony

How Do Chronic Conditions Impact Wound Care?

How do wounds intersect with various chronic conditions, and what impact does that have on care?

As we discussed in Part One of this series [INSERT LINK HERE], a huge majority of Americans over sixty-five have more than one chronic conditions. Many of these people will have five or more chronic conditions, which means higher rates of emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and prescriptions. These patients are also more likely to have physical disabilities and to experience social isolation.

There are a variety of common age-related chronic diseases, including cardio-vascular, diabetes, lung, renal, musculoskeletal, neurodegenerative diseases. It’s critical to understand how these diseases impact wound formation, healing, and treatment, and how their combined effects can amplify the effects of pressure injuries in a long-term care setting.

Let’s examine two of the most common: diabetes and cardiovascular disease.