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Best Medical Podcasts of 2019

Spend your drive time, your workout time, or any time listening to fascinating medical info from some of the world’s leading experts!

Recently, we here at Skilled Wound Care

Why? Because we know that everyone in the healthcare field has an amazing, unique story to tell, and is contributing in a different and interesting way. In our podcast, we’re inviting those from every corner of the healthcare industry to talk with us about their history, experience, and expertise.

We’re just getting started, so after you’ve caught up with our first episode (featuring Dr. Alexander King from Philadelphia talking about his own personal journey in medicine), here are some other fantastic medical podcasts to check out while you’re waiting for Episode Two!

If you love true crime, “House,” or mysteries in general:

Medical Mysteries is a new podcast (out just this August) following head-scratching cases that have doctors and patients stumped; new episodes every Tuesday. From the show: “Doctors are among the best-educated members of our society. So what happens when they can’t diagnose you? Medical Mysteries brings high-stakes story-telling and intrepid investigation to the hospital, in a medical procedural for the podcast space. Every week, we follow desperate patients battling mysterious symptoms--from the bizarre to the terrifying--as determined doctors race against the clock for a diagnosis. “ Listen on Apple Podcasts | Listen on Spotify

DDX (the medical abbreviation for “differential diagnosis”) is a podcast about how doctors think. Each episode follows a different case and the mistakes, assumptions, and dead-ends that can throw off even the most experienced practitioners. Listeners to DDX say: “This podcast had me hooked from the first episode. I loved hearing all the stories of amazing and life-threatening situations [overcome] with critical thinking skills. I also appreciated the fact that they stayed true to medical terminology and diagnoses without over-simplifying the material to reach a broader audience.” Listen on Apple Podcasts | Listen on Spotify

If you want something guaranteed to make you laugh:

Sawbones is a medical podcast from husband-and-wife team Dr. Syndee McElroy and Jason McElroy, also a host of the comedy advice podcast My Brother, My Brother, and Me. Every week, they dive into all the “dumb, bad, gross, weird, and wrong ways we’ve tried to fix people.” Listeners love the dynamic between the two hosts (“they’re so married it hurts”) and the fun banter; some object to the political perspectives that come out in later episodes (“less funny”) but others appreciate it (“it wouldn’t be the same if they kept their empathy and personality separate from the podcast.”) Listen on Apple Podcasts | Listen on Spotify

If you want to bootstrap your own medical career:

Dr. Nii Darko is the host of Docs Outside the Box, a podcast that tells the stories of regular doctors doing extraordinary things. Covering everything from paying off med school debt, to work-life balance, to charting your own path in medicine, Docs Outside the Box fields a wide range of topics. Part self-help, part physician profile, and part self-starter pack, this podcast is great for anyone who appreciates a unique perspective on the industry . Listen on Apple Podcasts | Listen on Spotify

If you want to expand your horizons of what’s possible and learn something new:

TED Talks: Science and Medicine is a collection of some of the world’s greatest scientists, doctors, and medical researchers sharing their discoveries on the TED stage. From octopus skin to regenerating heart muscle, human evolution to the biology of gender and sex, these TED talks will inspire, stimulate, and educate you. All are also available to download at, usually with video of the speakers. Download at | Listen on Apple Podcasts


Skilled Wound Care is a mobile surgical practice committed to transforming the chronic wound care model in nursing facilities. Wound care experts make weekly bedside visits to patients in long-term care facilities, avoiding transfers to hospitals or clinics. Our expert physicians give patients the most up-to-date and effective wound treatments, and educate facility staff on how to help patients continue to heal quickly and effectively between visits. This model of collaborative care allows SWC’s physicians to improve patients’ lives and health outcomes, to empower nursing staff, and to raise public awareness. Skilled Wound Care, along with its nurse and nursing home partners, is working every day to positively transform traditional nursing home wound care.

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