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A Different Approach to Wound Care Training and Collaboration

It's a well-studied concept that collaboration among healthcare providers leads to the best possible patient outcomes. However, across the US, most organizations lack a process addressing the barriers that stand in the way of building an effective environment for collaboration.

Skilled Wound Care providers understand the importance and impact collaboration has on physician expertise and patient outcomes. We have integrated a specific approach with collaboration in mind to bridge the gap between a desire for a collaborative environment that strengthens our proficiency and the means to build those integral relationships.

The Skilled Wound Care Approach

We believe that innovation rapidly increases across our facilities when we work together to find solutions. That means better outcomes, higher efficiency, improved relationships, lower costs, and higher overall satisfaction among our talented professional wound care providers.

We offer semi-annual retreats for all of our care providers to bring together the skills of physicians from all walks of life and offer training and educational opportunities to sharpen the skills it takes to bring the best care to our patients every day.

What Our Physicians Are Saying

From a professional standpoint, our SWC physicians report the benefits of a collaboration format where we can connect over our shared passion for helping our patients. They receive the benefits of scientific clinical expertise and information alongside fresh perspectives about handling conflicts and problems as they arise. The opportunity to innovate and modify our methods and systems of treatment to provide state-of-the-art care is a leading asset many of our physicians appreciate.

When physicians bring their expertise together, it becomes inevitable that each professional will have learned something valuable to bring back to their facilities and their practice.

Skilled Wound Care Providers' ultimate goal is to improve their patients’ overall quality of life. The hands-on training and expertise starts and ends at the bedside of patients who put their trust in us to provide optimum care. The reason we are consistently able to provide innovative care solutions is due in part to making collaboration accessible and a predominant feature of our organization.

Are You Interested in Joining Our Team?

Are you a physician who is looking for a fulfilling career in medicine? Wound care could be the perfect career for you! Our subspecialty provides chronic care for some of our most vulnerable communities. We enter into this arena ready for lifelong learning and increased connection with our patients and other healthcare providers in order to provide the best possible outcomes for patients.

If this sounds like the kind of organization you'd love to be a part of, reach out to us today or go to to learn about available opportunities.

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