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A wound vac® is actually the name of a wound dressing/therapy developed and distributed by KCI. Correctly spelled Wound V.A.C.®, the initials stand for Vacuum Assisted Closure, and V.A.C.® is a registered trademark of the KCI Company. The V.A.C.® is the first negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) introduced in the market. The Wound V.A.C.® consists of 1. A Black sponge which is applied to the wound bed, 2. Adhesive film dressing, which is applied on top of the sponge to create a vacuum, 3. Specialized tubing that is placed on top of the sponge and is connected to the device, 4. A motorized device which creates suction and negative pressure, 5. A cannister for collecting wound drainage. Although there are other types of NPWT, the KCI device is the most commonly known, and many individuals incorrectly call other types of NPWT, a "wound vac". The Wound V.A.C.® is unique in that it holds multiple specialized patents on the methods by which it allows NPWT. The diameter of the actual sponge is unique in that holds the healthy cells in the wound, and allows for suction of dead material. Generally the wound V.A.C.® is set to a negative mm Hg suction based on clinical assessment.

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The following is a sample image of a V.A.C.®, with some labeling to demonstrate the components:

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