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Wound Certification For Nurses: Is It Really Worth It?

What is the value of wound certification for nurses?

There’s ample evidence that a nursing certification boosts patient outcomes, improves professional opportunities, and improves job satisfaction. That’s why Skilled Wound Care offers a top-level certification course in Skin Wound & Ostomy Care. Let’s take a look at the facts.

Improved patient outcomes

A study of 460 nurses investigated how well they performed in a standard test on pressure ulcers with and without certification (which involved specific clinical training, just as SWC’s wound care certifications do). Uncertified nurses scored about 75%, while nurses who received wound care-specific training scored around 90%! It's not just practitioners and patients who benefit from certification - it also saves facilities money and improves patient care. While doctors may only see patients once a week, nursing staff is there every day to implement the care plan. It is imperative that they have a better understanding and expertise in wound care (which certification provides!) in order to provide better treatment for the patient.

Opportunities for Professional Growth

Nurse managers were surveyed and 86% said they would hire a certified nurse over a non-certified nurse (all other things being equal). Their reasoning was that certified nurses had more expertise in specialty areas, and they felt they had a greater commitment to learning and growing as professionals. A similar survey found that 74% of institutions had some type of incentive to promote, encourage, and recognize certification. The advantages are undeniable! No matter whether you are seeking a better job or advancing in your current role, certification is a positive choice.

Improved Job Satisfaction and Salary

Nurses who are certified are more likely to have a seat at the table. As a result of their specialization, nurses become experts in their field, and those who pursue certification regularly actively identify themselves in the workplace are more confident, empowered, and satisfied. An American Board of Nursing Specialties survey of certified and non-certified nurses found that 97% of respondents believed certification contributed to personal satisfaction and 88% said it enhanced their clinical confidence. According to a 2006 survey, certified nurses earn on average $7000 more than their non-certified counterparts each year.

About the SWC Certification Course

The Skin Wound and Ostomy Certification course is open to LVNs, LPNs, and RNs who want to expand their wound care knowledge. Using industry best practices, the curriculum is taught by wound care professionals with extensive experience. This course covers issues related to skin, wounds, and ostomies in a variety of care settings, focusing on regulations and standard practices in post-acute settings. Due to their increased knowledge base, clinicians with SWOC Certification often receive pay increases and promotions.

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