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Wound Care: The Best Alternative Career For Physicians

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Though practicing outside of one's specialization is stigmatized, doctors are increasingly open to the prospect, with wound care being the most appealing alternative. 

With the aging of the baby boomer generation, physicians who specialize in post-acute care will become even more essential. Consequently, wound care will grow into a thriving specialization for providers. The practice of wound care will not only prove profitable, but it will also allow physicians to practice in a less demanding environment, thereby reducing stress levels and extending their career. 

We recently caught up with SWC Provider Dr. M.B. He shared with us why he thinks wound care is a great alternative career for physicians.

Among the key reasons wound care stands out from other alternative careers is that it attracts physicians from all fields, including general practitioners, plastic surgeons, emergency room doctors, and family practitioners. With additional training, physicians can become experts in the field of wound care within a short period of time, making it an excellent path for non-board certified doctors as well as international medical graduates. This is also the perfect career for physicians who are interested in:

  • Work life balance - Having a flexible work schedule without weekends or calls 

  • Performing hands-on procedures with patients. 

  • Earning up to $400k for full-time work + benefits

If you're a physician who is looking for a fulfilling career with work-life balance, wound care could be the perfect alternative career for you! Interested in training? Each physician at the Skilled Physicians Group is trained to master the art of wound healing before entering the field. CLICK HERE to get started on your wound care career.


Skilled Wound Care is a mobile surgical practice committed to transforming the chronic wound care model in nursing facilities. Wound care experts make weekly bedside visits to patients in long-term care facilities, avoiding transfers to hospitals or clinics. Our expert physicians give patients the most up-to-date and effective wound treatments, and educate facility staff on how to help patients continue to heal quickly and effectively between visits. This model of collaborative care allows SWC’s physicians to improve patients’ lives and health outcomes, to empower nursing staff, and to raise public awareness. Skilled Wound Care, along with its nurse and nursing home partners, is working every day to positively transform traditional nursing home wound care.

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