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What Makes Skilled Wound Care Different?

Skilled Wound Care provides a superior standard of patient care and a willingness to put patients first based on their needs, not their ability to pay. From patient and care partner education to state-of-the-art innovations and cutting-edge practices, SWC stands apart from other healthcare organizations and invites passionate medical care providers to join us in our mission to improve care and outcomes for all.

Outstanding Outcomes are Made Possible by Outstanding Providers

We partner with nursing care facilities to bring state-of-the-art wound care services to the patient’s bedside. We prioritize comprehensive communication and data collection to help continue to improve ratings and patient outcomes now and into the future. We value strengthening our relationships across our collaborative partnerships with nursing care facilities.

The results of our efforts are clear. Those working with SWC providers can expect:

  • Higher patient satisfaction

  • Lower rate of hospital re-admission

  • Lower rate of pressure injuries

  • Faster healing times

  • Increased staff education and training opportunities

  • Improved Quality Care measures in-house

  • Fewer recurrences and reduced morbidity

  • Better pain management and rehabilitation rates

Our Mission and Vision Empower our Communities

The following core beliefs serve as a guide to our standard of patient care:

  • Access to physician services is a right for all people

  • Elderly patients in nursing facilities deserve dignified care

  • We can heal patients using basic resources and skilled human touch

  • We will provide and track healing outcomes in the most challenging circumstances

We also offer a Patient Education Video Series to help educate and empower patients to understand wound care and take control of their healthcare decisions when it comes to contributing to their own treatment and healing and experiencing the best possible outcomes.

Our mission is to improve as many lives as possible. Connecting with physicians who have a passion for cutting-edge treatments and policies and values that lead to an exceptional standard of care, makes Skilled Wound Care a leader in the industry. Especially as we serve one of the most vulnerable populations among us most affected by wounds - elderly patients in nursing facilities. We believe they deserve to be cared for with dignity and respect. And we have a responsibility to use our resources and skills to deliver quality care and outcomes no matter the circumstances

Our extensive national surgical-based wound care practice seeks out the finest, most dedicated healthcare professionals who share in our mission and values to help us change how care is delivered.

Our key values and those adopted by our providers are:

  • Discipline

  • Honest and Ethical Behavior

  • Respect

  • Positive Attitude

  • Reliability

  • Lifelong Education

  • Sustained Motivation

  • Resourcefulness

  • Communication

  • Humility

Are you a Well-Matched Candidate to Join Our Growing Team?

Delivering exceptional wound care can provide challenges. When we are faced with tough decisions, must work to resolve conflicts, or plan for the future, it is our principles that guide us. It takes a dedicated, passionate, and principled care provider to make a suitable match for our program. If you are interested in a career with Skilled Wound Care and you share our vision for the future of medicine, learn more about joining our team through the Careers link on our website.

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