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Opportunities for Physicians with an Unfinished Residency

Our organization, Skilled Wound Care, now has a program open to MDs who have not finished their residency, and don’t hold board certification. For those candidates that fit this description and are looking for an alternative path to providing exceptional patient care, a fellowship at SWC offers physicians an opportunity to perform procedures and practice surgical medicine in facilities that prioritize a collaborative approach to healing.

We supply the ability to perform procedures with a high frequency and efficiency, and we require no on-call hours to maintain a lifestyle of satisfaction and balance. Read on to learn more about the opportunities to build a career in wound care with a Skilled Wound Care Fellowship.

What is included for SWC applicants selected to join the organization as a Fellow?

In addition to on-the-job training, we provide our physicians with the support and resources they need to achieve satisfaction and expertise in their careers. Our program includes:

  • CMEs

  • Ongoing mentorship

  • Bi-annual educational retreats

  • A full Fellowship program

What makes the Fellowship Path as a Skilled Wound Care provider stand out as an ideal alternative?

When practitioners leave the traditional residency program to pursue a wound care career, they avoid the downsides of the medical care field. SWC physicians report increased satisfaction and balance between their professional lives and outside interests and priorities.

Are you looking for a sustainable long-term career opportunity that provides:

  • Financial stability and satisfaction

  • Opportunities to grow and develop your skill set

  • A predictable workday structure

  • The ability to train others on the job

  • Increased education and expertise-building opportunities

  • Opportunities within the organization to promote collaboration and connection with colleagues across the nation

  • Higher job satisfaction and impact on patients

  • The ability to pursue other interests and nurture other priorities outside of being a physician

Ready to Take Action to follow a Specialized Career Path?

Skilled Wound Care is dedicated to a different approach to care and healing that help motivate practitioners to look forward to the work they do every day. There are many reasons our physicians love their careers in wound care. We are openly recruiting new and qualified candidates to join our team.

To take the first step in a rewarding career in wound care, apply today to explore the possibilities and advantages of joining our team of skilled physicians.

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