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Essential Surgical Techniques for Wound Care

Welcome to the Skilled Wound Care visual encyclopedia, covering some of the essential surgical techniques needed for wound care, demonstrated by Dr Bardia Anvar, CEO and founder. In this edition, you’ll find:

  • Basic Wound Debridement

  • Suturing Techniques & Knots

  • Biopsy Techniques

  • Abscess Techniques

Basic Wound Debridement

What causes pressure injuries, and how does debriding assist in wound healing? Refresh the basics:

Suturing Techniques and Knots

How to Hold a Needle Driver for Suturing:

Running Continuous Suture:

Hemostatic Figure of 8 Suture:

Suture: Two Handed Knot Tie:

Suture: Surgical Instrument Knot Tie:

Biospy Techniques

Punch Biopsy Technique:

Incisional Biopsy Technique: