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Benefits of Wound Care for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled nursing facilities across the country are facing mounting pressure to deliver optimal care to patients with complex medical needs. With the increasing number of chronic wound cases in the U.S., adopting and delivering advanced wound care has become more prevalent than ever. Wound care for skilled nursing facilities that is both cost-effective and clinically excellent has proven to be a goal and a challenge for many facilities.

From medical equipment and supplies to bed usage and extended lengths of stay, rising costs of chronic wound care are creating a number of challenges for today’s care facilities. So it goes without saying that delivering high-quality wound care while optimizing costs is integral to the success of your facility. Utilizing outsourced wound care for your skilled nursing facility allows you to reap a myriad of benefits, including a multi-faceted approach to wound care management, debridement, and prevention – all at the bedside.

Overcoming Hurdles in Wound Care Delivery

Wound care expertise is a rarity among today’s primary care physicians. Why? Because pursuing advanced training in the field is often cost-prohibitive for doctors and facilities that don’t focus exclusively on wound care.

From supplying wound-specific technologies to properly measuring the quality of care delivered, skilled nursing facilities are at a disadvantage when it comes to optimizing wound care. What’s more, with the average patient grappling with multiple chronic conditions, their risk is exponentially increased (unbeknownst to them).

SWC’s wound care for skilled nursing facilities, for instance, has seen over 75% of wounds treated by our team begin healing after the start of services. That's because our expert staff and team of physicians have the expertise needed to deliver efficient and effective treatments designed to vastly improve patient quality of life.

Boost Positive Patient Outcomes

Performing wound care for skilled nursing facilities requires taking a multidisciplinary approach to healing. After all, treating chronic wounds means interfacing with a number of complexities.

Leveraging an outsourced wound care service provides access to a combination of disciplines, with knowledge spanning everything from primary care to surgery. Tapping into this spectrum of knowledge is vital for driving effective wound care management and strengthening patient outcomes. From fewer amputations and quicker healing times to reduced hospital readmissions, wound care for skilled nursing facilities can deliver life-changing results.

Optimal Wound Care for Skilled Nursing Facilities

With targeted wound care for your skilled nursing facility, you’ll reap the following benefits:

  • Patient satisfaction increases

  • Quicker wound healing in patients

  • Improvement in quality measures

  • In-house pressure injury incidents abate

  • A reduction in hospital readmissions

  • Surveys pass without wound care deficiencies

  • Your team receives advanced, high-quality wound care education

Developing an effective wound care program can be time-consuming and resource-draining for skilled nursing facilities. By partnering with a service like Skilled Wound Care, your facility will gain access to cost-effective wound care while minimizing complications, accelerating healing, and improving patient outcomes.

By providing patients with economic wound care services that deliver optimal results in a shorter period of time, you’ll effectively reduce internal burden and decrease patient costs, which will drive increased patient interest in your facility long-term.

If you work for a facility and are interested in cost-effective wound care solutions, contact us today! With 15 years of experience improving discharge rates and reducing costs for post-acute facilities, SWC has the expertise to support your facility with effective treatments and to improve quality of life for your patients. Learn more about how our solutions can help your facility.

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