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How to become a  FPASWS Physician

(Fellow in Post-Acute Surgery and Wound Care Specialist)


Candidates for Certification of Completion of the fellowship program, must meet all of the following requirements below:

1. must have a US Medical License

2. A minimum of 12 months (18months - 2years (or up to 36 months part-time track) Service with Skilled Wound Care Surgical Group)

3. An accumulation of a minimum of 4,000 wound care cases seen

4. An accumulation of a minimum of 3,500 debridements performed

5. An accumulation of a minimum of 500 dermatological cases seen

6. An accumulation of a minimum of 200 gastrostomy cases

7. An accumulation of a minimum of 50 gastrostomy tube replacements performed.

The Advanced Wound Care Fellowship

FPASWS (Fellow in Post-Acute Surgery and Wound Care Specialist) Program provided by the College of Long Term Care in association with Skilled Wound Care Surgical Group is an intense 12 - 24 month training program that focuses on training clinicians (MDs, DOs, PAs, NPs) on the full spectrum of advanced wound care. The goal of this fellowship program is to produce competent wound care specialists that can have a successful career in the prevention, diagnosis, and management of wounds of all etiologies with an enhanced focus on patient care in the post-acute environment.


Fellows will be managing a broad spectrum of wound care cases. Learning opportunities include but are not limited to:

  1. Pressure related alterations in skin integrity (Pressure Injuries/Pressure Ulcers) Chronic Wounds

  2. Non-healing complex wounds

  3. Diabetic Neuropathic Wounds

  4. Vascular wounds (arterial and venous)

  5. Lymphedema

  6. Burns

  7. Traumatic Wound

  8. Surgical Wounds

  9. Amputation

  10. Limb Salvage

  11. Cancerous Wound

  12. Moisture Associated Skin Damage (MASD)

  13. Chronic disease related wounds, such as those caused by autoimmune diseases

  14. neuromuscular disease.

  15. And more…


Skin, Wound, & Ostomy Certified Specialist/FPASWS Certification Exam


This unique fellowship program is combined with a wound care specialist certification examination. This examination for certification provides an opportunity to validate educational competency for those who have matriculated through the Advanced Wound Care Fellowship Program.

To find out more about our Fellowship program please contact our physician recruitment team.

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