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1. How is the S.W.O.C. Course different from other wound care courses? 

The Skin Wound and Ostomy Certification course is open to LVN, LPN, and RN clinicians who are interested in increasing their knowledge in wound care. We welcome all long term care professionals to the course. The course is taught by highly experienced professionals in wound care who base their curriculum on current industry practices. The course covers all skin, wound, and ostomy issues in a variety of care settings but focuses on regulations and standard practice in post – acute settings. Our course is also time and cost efficient as it only requires three days and is affordable compared to other wound care certification options.


2. Is the S.W.O.C. Course accredited? 

The S.W.O.C. course is accredited through The College of Long Term Care and is approved for 14 contact hours through the Board of Registered Nursing. The College of Long Term Care is an open, clinical, educational body designed to advance evidence based care in order to improve patient health care delivery in long term care facilities. The College of Long Term Care aims to increase awareness of wound care practices and proper care in long term settings and is dedicated to the advancement of educated government policies which affect the health care delivery system.


3. Do we offer online courses/webinars? 

We now have an exciting online course. To learn more and register for our online course please click here to read more.


4. What are the benefits of receiving this certification? 

The SWOC certification is separate from the SWOC Preparation Course. The certification represents an advanced knowledge in wound care and an addition to a nurse’s skill set. Clinicians who have the S.W.O.C. Certification have gone on to receive pay increases and promotions because of their increased knowledge base. The certification also provides an opportunity to build a professional and personal network with nurses and wound care specialists. It also provides professional visibility which can increase future advancement in nursing positions.


5. Can I be hired as a wound care nurse with this certification? 

Wound care and treatment nurses are hired without this certification but acquiring a wound care certification through a certifying board such as The College of Long Term Care increases knowledge base and professional advancement. The certification portrays to employers and colleagues that as a nurse you have specialized interest and skill in wound care.


6. What is your Payment and Refund Policy?


We accept all major credit cards, and checks. Credit Card authorizations can be sent in via fax by filling out the information at the bottom of the Registration Form. Checks must be made out to the College of Long Term Care and mailed to 12021 Wilshire Blvd. #745 Los Angeles, CA 90025. We do not offer any payment plans, therefore all payments must be made in full. If full payment is not received at least 48 hours before the start of the course, you will not be able to attend.

If you already paid for the Course and are unable to attend, you must call and cancel at least 48 hours prior to the start of the course. If the cancellation is after the 48 hour deadline, no refund will be given. Your payment can be used towards a future course. If you are unable to attend the course and have someone who would like to attend in your place, your payment may be transferred into that person's name. Please make sure we have their information before the start of the course (which includes their license number).

*Skilled Wound Care and The College of Long Term Care reserve the right to cancel or change a course up to 2 weeks before the start of any course.


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