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Work-Life Balance for Wound Care Providers

A significant consideration inspiring medical professionals to switch careers or specialties is maintaining a better work-life balance. Physicians in hospitals work intense, unpredictable, and sometimes unsustainable hours. This can affect their ability to maintain a high quality of life outside of work.

Wound care providers report a different experience. A majority of our physicians report a very satisfactory experience working in wound care, as it mitigates many factors contributing to burnout in the medical field. They have the ability to work in a specialized career they find fulfilling while also having the opportunity to prioritize their personal schedule.

Wound Care Physicians exclusively work predictable weekday hours, are never on call, and never work weekends. For providers with families and other passions outside of their work, this can greatly improve their satisfaction. Most of our providers state work/life balance as their main reason for choosing wound care, as they experience the benefits of working in a rewarding and exceptional career while equally enjoying their individual endeavors outside of work.

Work as a Vital Part of a Collaborative Team

A future in Skilled Wound Care is an excellent choice for physicians looking to avoid isolation and added stress of carrying everything on their shoulders. We're focused on improving care delivery with innovative solutions and education opportunities to sharpen our craft. Touching lives and creating opportunities to reach the most favorable outcomes is satisfying and rewarding to the types of providers who thrive in Skilled Wound Care facilities.

Wound care specialists provide care in the nursing home setting. This creates an environment with a rich and gratifying experience for physicians. They are provided with the opportunity to receive advanced training from the best in the field while learning about innovative care and procedures in a patient-centric environment.

Reclaim Your Wellbeing

Skilled Wound Care fulfills a promise to help their providers prioritize the work/life balance. We always place physicians above profits. This is why our physicians can simultaneously focus on their families, passions, and outside hobbies and skills that are unrelated to healthcare but equally important to our care providers.

SWC is always looking for dedicated physicians who are passionate about care procedures and patient outcomes. Our motto is: Work hard, Play hard. Our physicians enjoy the advantages of :

  • Work-Free Weekends

  • Protected Time-Off

  • No On-Call Hours

  • No Weekend Hours

  • Comprehensive Malpractice Insurance

  • Included Essential Equipment

  • Biannual Educational Retreats per year with 16 hours of CME each

  • The Opportunity to Serve Your Community

  • Yearly Vacation Bonus.

  • Yearly Impact-Based Bonus

  • Fellowship Opportunities to create Alternative Pathways

Ready to Make an Impact in your Community?

Skilled Wound Care is searching for dedicated and passionate surgeons and physicians ready to approach patient care differently. If you’re a dedicated physician searching for work-life balance, consider a career on our team providing world-class care to patients in your community. Connect with us today to learn more about applying for and filling open positions near you.

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