Certification: Is it really worth it?

Updated: Feb 6, 2018

May 31, 2017- Skilled Wound Care

In a word: yes. There’s plenty of evidence proving that certification in nursing creates better patient outcomes, better professional opportunities, and better job satisfaction. That’s why Skilled Wound Care offers a top-level certification course in Skin Wound & Ostomy Care.

Let’s take a look at the facts.

Better Patient Outcomes

A study of 460 nurses investigated how well they performed in a standard test on pressure ulcers with and without certification (which involved specific clinical training, just as SWC’s wound care certifications do). Nurses who had received wound care-specific training scored around 90%, while uncertified nurses averaged a score of about 75%. That’s a fifteen point difference!

Certification isn’t just a benefit for practitioners and patients - it also helps facilities save money and provide better care. Doctors may only see patients once a week, but the nursing staff are there every day, executing the care plan. The better their understanding and expertise in wound care (which certification provides!), the better the patient will fare.

Better Professional Opportunities

According to a survey of nurse managers, 86% said that they would hire a certified over a non-certified nurse (all other things being equal). They pointed to certified nurses’ knowledge in specialty areas, and felt that they had a greater professional investment in continuing to learn and grow. The same survey found that 74% of institutions had incentives of some kind to promote, encourage, and recognize certifications. That’s an undeniable advantage!

So whether you want to get a better job, or you’d like to advance in your current position, the evidence is clear: certification is an overwhelmingly positive choice.

Better Job Satisfaction & Pay

Certified nurses are more likely to have a seat at the table. Their specialized knowledge makes them experts in their area of care, and those nurses who pursue certifications regularly identify themselves are more proud, empowered, and satisfied in their work. In a survey by the American Board of Nursing Specialties of “certified and noncertified nurses, 97% of respondents agreed that certification provides personal satisfaction and 88% agreed that certification enhances personal confidence in clinical abilities.” And a 2006 survey found that certified nurses made, on average, $7000+ year more than their noncertified counterparts.

About the SWC Certification Course

The Skin Wound and Ostomy Certification course is open to LVN, LPN, and RN clinicians who want to increase their wound care knowledge. The course is taught by highly experienced professionals in wound care, with a curriculum grounded in current industry practices. The course covers all skin, wound, and ostomy issues in a variety of care settings but focuses on regulations and standard practice in post-acute settings. Our course lasts three days, and is affordably priced to make it accessible! Clinicians who have the S.W.O.C. Certification frequently receive pay increases and promotions because of their increased knowledge base. The certification also gives you the chance to build a professional and personal network with nurses and wound care specialists.

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