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Transform Your Life and Your Medical Practice

With high earning potential and normal wokring hours, becoming a woundcare specialist has never been so appealing!

The Perfect Canidate

You’re a good doctor, but you’re looking for something more...

Maybe you’re looking for the right specialty, but you’re not sure what to choose. Maybe you love - really love - performing surgical procedures, but you’re not convinced that a hospital is the best fit for you. Maybe you feel stalled out in your current position - maybe you’re looking for a new challenge, and a chance to feel like your work really matters. Maybe you want to be in control of your own career, your own destiny, in a way that a lot of traditional jobs in medicine don’t seem to offer you.

If this sounds like you, 

then we need to talk.


Skilled Wound Care is looking for full-time, driven, talented, and self-sufficient physicians.

We are a nationwide physicians group of wound care specialists, and we’re expanding our team of experts. This is your opportunity to learn from the best in the field, to be at the cutting edge of wound care science, and to bring advanced procedures to patients’ bedsides.

The medical community is recognizing how essential wound care is...

and the need to bring it into full specialty status. (For more on that conversation, click here.) But until that happens in a more formal way, we are on the frontier of wound care science and innovation. We are a mobile surgical practice, focused on skin, wound, and ostomy patient issues in nursing home settings. We’re publishing journal articles, and constantly striving to find the best practices and techniques for excellent wound care.

Our doctors are outstanding teachers, who educate and empower nursing home staff to better understand and treat wounds

Education and collaboration is at the core of our mission, and we know that working together always yields better results. Our physicians are caring, ethical, and conscientious practitioners who understand the importance of empowering a team and putting patient outcomes first.


(To learn more about our passion and how we started, click here!)

We’re interested in hearing more about you, and how you could become part of the Skilled Wound Care team. 

If you are seeking a new and exciting specialty in a hands-on bedside procedure oriented practice, we’d like to talk to you about joining our team. Our providers become experts in their field and are highly advanced in their subspecialty. We also provide mentoring, professional guidance, equipment, malpractice insurance, credentialing, and highly advanced wound care and surgical training. Our physicians work hard, but they have full and meaningful lives, too - our job satisfaction rate is well over 90%.

PLEASE NOTE: Working as a SWC provider does require driving, good judgment, and affable personality. We will train you in advanced bedside procedures and wound care. We hire physicians of all specialties and training backgrounds. Mandatory requirements include Valid Medical License and DEA without restrictions, and the ability to follow policies and procedures for long-term care. You must also be able to dedicate at least two full weekdays to the position, but full-time (M-F) physicians will receive priority consideration in hiring. Positions are open nationwide, please call to discuss specific geographical availability.

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