Start a career with Skilled Wound Care

Skilled Wound Care was founded in 2007 on core principles and values of providing wound care services for skilled nursing facility patients. In order to provide these services a lot of teamwork with many exciting roles are needed. Beyond hiring physicians, Skilled Wound Care has many exciting positions available that provide for career growth in the health care field. Skilled Wound Care has a very advanced growth track.

Please see our Core Values by clicking here.

Vision- Our vision is to provide health care services throughout the United States to as many as patients as we can provide quality care for. The current cost of wound care in the United States is 50 billion dollars a year, and we hope to decrease that cost and improve the quality of care.

    • To bring valuable healing and comfort to patients.
    • To find innovative solutions for patients in long-term care.
    • To be responsible healers and give value to patients.
    • To educate health care providers on the most advanced techniques.
    • To create value and make a difference.

Founded in 2007, Skilled Wound Care has been growing for 8 amazing years and has over 100 employees currently. As we grow, many career advancement opportunities become available. Skilled Wound Care is a partnership in healing between our providers, staff, and our patients!

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