Skilled Wound Care Dress Code

Please note that Skilled Wound Care associates adhere to a professional corporate dress code. This is because we are in the healthcare services industry, and we expect to give each other and all our customers and patients the highest level of care. As a Skilled Wound Care Associate you are our representative to the public, and your appearance and behavior should reflect the company’s professional image and ideals. Cleanliness, neatness, good personal hygiene and appropriate work attire are expected of our associates at all times.


In particular the company expects all associates to wear business formal clothing while in the corporate setting.  For Clinical wound rounds, it is expected that individuals wear the Skilled Wound Care medical scrubs, appropriate footwear, and Skilled Wound Care identification badge. For other internal events employees will be notified prior to the event as to the acceptable attire for the event. (i.e. Business dress, Business casual, or Casual).

For Men

We expect that clothing will be clean and ironed without wrinkles. The appropriate attire is slacks and dress shirt with blazer or suit. No stains on clothing. We leave it to your best judgment when to wear a tie, but generally we recommend a tie. In almost all professional clinical settings men wear ties in the healthcare industry. For all corporate meetings we would request that all men wear suits with a tie.


Skilled wound care employees must practice personal hygiene and hair must be neat and clean

  • If working in a clinical environment (wound rounds) long hair must be tied back to avoid patient contact during patient care and or transportation.
  • Hair colors must be of natural tones

Facial Hair: Skilled wound care employees must practice personal hygiene and facial hair must be neatly groomed and clean at all times.

  • Nose and ear hair must be trimmed and maintained.
  • Facial hair including mustache and beard must be short and neatly trimmed and maintained.

Face makeup: Makeup should enhance ones features and personality, and must appear professional and natural and should be conservative in styles and colors.

Fingernails: Fingernails must be clean, neatly trimmed and filed to avoid harming patients, clients, or other employees. Fingernail polish may be worn, with no visible chips in polish.


The following clothing is NOT ACCEPTABLE at any time.

  • Spandex
  • Leggings worn as pants
  • Bare feet
  • Flip Flops worn in clinical environment
  • Sexually provocative clothing
  • Clothing of any kind promoting competitor products
  • Hats in the office environment
  • Clothing with profanity, nude or semi-nude pictures
  • Clothing with sexually or racially suggestive slogans, cartoons or drawings
  • An observable lack of undergarments or exposed undergarments
  • Bare midriff shirts/tops
  • Jeans