Gastrostomy Tube Services

Changing G-tube picture

The government is targeting re-hospitalizations as a significant indicator of gaps in medical quality in the nation’s hospitals. Similarly nursing facilities must be wary of sending patients to the hospital for gastrostomy issues, which can alternatively be handled by Skilled Wound Care professionals at the bedside. Don't put your patients and facility at risk, partner with us to provide this much-needed program. Gastrostomy tubes can become a constant challenge for skilled nursing facilities from issues such as deterioration, infection, leakage, clogging, or chronic dislodgement. In an effort to alleviate those challenges we have designed a comprehensive management program coupled with education. Skilled Wound Care is the first practice to confirm proper g-tube placement and position with dye-contrast enhanced radiographic imaging at the patient bedside as demonstrated below. Partnering with Skilled Wound Care also decreases cost to the overall medical system and increases facility revenue by preventing needless hospital readmissions.

Gastrostomy Tube X-rays