Dermatology / Skin Integrity Services

Skilled Wound Care offers dermatology and skin integrity services to manage the most common chronic skin conditions in the elderly population. Dermatologic diseases can be a challenge to properly diagnose and treat on a chronic basis as the skin turgor and collagen elasticity deteriorates with age. A common misdiagnosis in the nursing facility is "scabies." Geriatric Dermatology necessitates an understanding of the patient environment as a whole including: soaps, detergents, clothing type, ventilation, humidity, seasonal changes, and continence management. A misdiagnosis can be very costly to a nursing facility, especially without supporting documentation. SWC's unique dermatologic services address all of the facets of the patient's skin disease in addition to properly diagnose and treat the disease itself.

Patients in the Long Term Care Setting are at increased risk for skin breakdown and the development of dermatologic diseases such as: