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Why Skilled Wound Care at your nursing facility?

  1. Increase Patient Satisfaction
  2. Pass surveys without wound care deficiencies
  3. Reduce Hospital Admissions
  4. Reduce in-house pressure injury incidence
  5. Improve your Quality Measures
  6. Receive the most advanced wound care education
  7. Heal wounds faster

What do our physicians do?

  1. Reliability:Our Providers round on a weekly basis.
  2. Education: Our Providers educate as we round.
  3. Communication: All care plans are clarified.
  4. Procedures: We provide bedside surgical debridement.
  5. Documentation: Detailed and compliant.


Nurses and Nursing homes are empowered with the Skilled Wound Care Physicians Group

The Skilled Wound Care Physicians Group provides bedside clinical services such as wound care, management, debridement, and prevention all at the bedside. We also help educate facility nurses on the field of chronic wound care. As nurses attend our rounds, we foster a friendly educational environment in order to give patients the best chance to heal. No need to travel to expensive conferences to learn the latest techniques, with our expert staff and team of physicians  we come to you at your patient’s bedside. We educate you on the latest wound management techniques so you can stay on top of the latest advancements in wound care.

Responding Necrotic Wounds reduce by 25% in size in the first month of treatment with the Skilled Wound Care Program, Why?
  • SWC creates multidisciplinary wound care, which has been shown to improve wound healing in multiple peer reviewed journals.1
  • SWC staff educate facility nurses on proper use of wound dressings and other healing tools.
  • SWC debrides wounds with necrosis, slough, or bioburden, which allows for 70% of wounds to decrease in size, and a 25% reduction in size in the first month of treatment for responding wounds.2
  • On average greater than 60% of wounds treated by the Skilled Wound Care program are healing after the start of services.

To learn more about bedside surgical wound debridement visit our education portal here: SURGICAL DEBRIDEMENT

An internal study by Skilled Wound Care found that a 2300 bed nursing home chain reduced in-house pressure ulcer incidence by 33% (p value = .00001), Using the Skilled Wound Care Program3
SWC nursing facilities pass surveys without wound care deficiencies 99% of the time.


Man with his family and nurse at a wound care nursing home in California

SWC Patients are happy with their facility care:
  • Reduce hospital admissions and clinic transfers.
  • Faster wound healing times.
  • Ability to rehabilitate from illness more quickly.
  • Less discomfort from ambulance rides.
  • Chronic issues are managed prior to morbidity.

At Skilled Wound Care we follow all important F-tag regulations governing wound care for nursing facilities.

Skilled Wound Care Physicians:
  • Follow strict Infectious Disease protocols.
  • Administer pain control at all times.
  • Provide clear and informative documentation.
  • Clearly communicate the plan to nurses.
  • Provide education on important areas.
  • Prevent adverse events.

SWC Nurses and Doctors in Line

  • Strengthening your hospital case manager relationships
  • Developing specialty care recovery units
  • Elevating staff preparedness for complex patient admissions.
  • Educating families on the wound healing process.

Skilled Wound Care is serious about quality assurance. Skilled Wound Care has developed a long-term care specific documentation and reporting program for wounds. Our rigorous documentation is long-term specific. In addition, our documentation is all data driven to deliver you with quality assurance reports.

Quality Assurance Report

  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Benchmark analysis
  • Improvement trending
  • Increased healing rates
  • Increased family/patient satisfaction

Keep your malpractice rates low with the Skilled Wound Care risk reduction program. Contact us today to learn more about Skilled Wound Care Physicians Group.

In today's economic realities, Risk Management is an important component of a strong Wound Care Program. Some of the best ways to prevent lawsuits is with patient/ family interaction, but that may not always be effective. We take into consideration these factors:

  • Duration of injury
  • Number of risk factors
  • Patient compliance
  • Family compliance
  • Potential of life threatening infection
  • Potential of limb threatening infection


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