Why get SWOC wound certified in Long Term Care?

By editor
April 3, 2015

Firemen train 90% of the time to fight fires 10% of the time. The US government spends a million dollars to train one navy seal. As health care professionals shouldn’t we be spending time outside our daily patient contact learning how to improve patient care. In the nursing home environment, the treatment nurse is usually designated to care for all the patients with wounds throughout the facility. These nurses are usually selected without previous training, and they receive most of their training on the job while doing patient care. Our SWOC Certification certifies nurses in wound care so that they have a foundation on the appropriate practices of wound care. If you are not certified or know someone who needs it, information can be found at skilledwoundcare.com/education/courses.

It is becoming more and more important to have the right doctors and nurses caring for patients with wounds, and Skilled Wound Care is the only nursing home program that gives training to both nurses and physicians in this important area.

A Fun and Exciting Wound Certification Course

A Fun and Exciting Wound Certification Course

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