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September 20, 2015

Some unfortunate comments were made this week on the show the View, questioning whether nursing is a talent and why a nurse would wear a stethoscope. At Skilled Wound Care we work hand in hand with many talented nurses, and we know the many sacrifices nurses make to take care of patients. We would like to take a moment to educate the public on the importance of nursing, and why a nurse would wear a stethoscope.

When you as a patient go to the emergency room, the first person you will encounter is a nurse, who will examine you with a stethoscope. The first person you see when admitted to a hospital ward is a nurse who will examine your heart and lungs with a stethoscope. Beyond that, nurses are the first to discover abnormalities in a patient’s health and then take immediate action to solve the problem. Sometimes they will call the doctor, and sometimes they will handle the situation on their own based on their best judgment.

In our practice, nurses take care of the very sickest patients with large wounds all over the body. These patients have difficulty turning in bed, some cannot walk, and they need daily dressing changes. It is not doctors who make these dressing changes; it is nurses. Approximately 60,000 patients die each year from pressure ulcers. Nurses are the frontline in taking care of these patients. In some instances doctors are not even involved in the care of these patients. Nursing is a talent and an art; all nurses are healers. ‪#‎nursesunite‬


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