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August 9, 2015

I am very excited to say that after 8 exciting years developing the nation’s premier long-term wound care program: Skilled Wound Care, we have learned a number of tips we would like to pass on to nursing facilities. First and foremost, having a comprehensive wound care program, with a partner like Skilled Wound Care, not only ensures the highest patient care standards, but also prevents lawsuits, avoids deficiencies in DHS surveys, and boosts employee moral. The first step in building a wound care program is designating a leader in the facility to direct your program. Generally the leader is either the DON or the treatment nurse. We cannot stress the importance of leadership enough, in making your wound care program a success. When we think of leaders, we imagine a person who gives instruction and manages people; however, in this case our leader is someone who sets the ultimate example in patient care. Here are some other pointers we give in creating a great wound care program:

1. Create an open positive environment: Don’t blame staff for pressure ulcers that may occur in the facility. The blame game only leads to staff members hiding wounds and creating a culture of fear. You can’t improve patient care and heal wounds, if your staff does not feel comfortable reporting wounds.

2. Train staff on pressure ulcer prevention strategies and give them the resources to succeed. Pressure ulcer prevention equipment should be bought and kept on hand for ready use in patient care.

3. Document, document, document. Clear and accurate documentation is a critical factor in a comprehensive wound care program. Cutting corners in documentation can cause serious problems in the future.

4. Get your wound care physician involved early in the stage of your patient’s wounds, to ensure accurate diagnosis, appropriate documentation, and effective treatment. At Skilled Wound Care, our providers partner with the nursing facility to support and train staff to feel comfortable healing wounds together. Once again a culture of fear is only counter productive; therefore, we work to support you.

Finally, at Skilled Wound Care, the nation’s leading and number 1 physician based wound care program, we partner with you to create a comprehensive wound care program to heal wounds. Our physicians, and physician extenders get involved early in patient care preventing wound decline, promoting healing, and documenting with you.

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