1st Degree Burn

2nd Degree Burn

Second Degree Burn

Second Degree Burn

A second degree burn is a burn that affects the epidermis and dermis of the skin.  Second degree wounds can be classified as partial or full thickness. A partial thickness burn, like the one pictured above, may have blisters and involves the epidermis and upper dermis layer. The wounds are generally painful, appear pink or red in color. The wounds will blanch when pressure is applied. These used usually heal in 10-21 days without the need for special skin grafts. There usual is no scarring. The treatment for these wounds is to keep them 1. clean, 2. bandaged with a dressing, 3. and monitored by a physician. The wounds can be washed with regular tap water (equally effective to other cleansing solutions), blisters should be maintained till they resolve on their own. A mild soap can be used a cleanser, but the wound should not be scrubbed.

  • Full thickness
    • Can be red or white in appearance, but will appear dry.
    • Involves the destruction of the entire epidermis and most of the dermis
    • Sensation can be present, but diminished
    • Blanching is sluggish or absent
    • Full thickness will most likely need excision & skin grafting to heal


3rd Degree Burn