April, 2015

Pressure Ulcer Assessment- Top Ten To Dos from Skilled Wound Care

By editor
April 11, 2015

1. Always have good lighting during your pressure ulcer assessment preferably with a flashlight. 2. Have a reference card with pictures of various pressure ulcer stages, so that you can stage the wound correctly. If you need such a card, Skilled Wound Care has these available free of charge. 3. Get a second opinion from ... read more

Pressure Ulcer does not equal Poor Care

By editor
April 6, 2015

Often times when patients develop a pressure ulcer, the first question asked is, “How did this happen?” And the next question of course is, “Whose fault is it?” or “Where did this happen?” Unfortunately the blame game doesn’t help heal the wounds. The truth is that patients develop pressure ulcers as a result of a ... read more

Why get SWOC wound certified in Long Term Care?

By editor
April 3, 2015

Firemen train 90% of the time to fight fires 10% of the time. The US government spends a million dollars to train one navy seal. As health care professionals shouldn’t we be spending time outside our daily patient contact learning how to improve patient care. In the nursing home environment, the treatment nurse is usually ... read more